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New Years Eve

So here it is again, time for a new year to begin. I find it very hard to get excited about New Year Eve and it's celebrations. I mean, I can see why people celebrate it, and understand that it's a great chance to have fun with friends, but I just can't help shake the feeling of 'meh' towards it.
Out of all the noted holidays that I celebrate in some way, it's right at the bottom of the list, after the likes of Christmas, Easter, Valentines and Matt Damon's birthday.

Perhaps I am just too cynical, but in my experience you have to get pretty drunk to enjoy the night on a major level. Looking at what I did last year, I just stood in a crowd of people, in long lines for expensive drinks, and just drank, because it was too loud to have a conversation of any sort, and just cheered when the clock struck 12, then went home. Being drunk hid the fact that it was somewhat pointless.
Although, there may be some larger force at play here, to do with being around people, to be with your 'kind' in a sort of animalistic sense, a collective group of strangers of the same species that celebrates together, or some wank like that.

Looking back, all my New Years have been relatively low key with the except of last year. Before that I mainly just spent the night with a handful of friends or family. I think my favourite was 04/05 when three of us stayed at a place in Falls Creek and sat on a balcony drinking vodka cruisers, while a group of drunkenish (possibly English tourists?) people in their 50s sang Gilbert & Sullivan songs.

Tonight I had nothing planned until a friend asked me if I wanted to have dinner with her and a group of her work clients or something, which is a really nice gesture. So once dinners over I guess I'll probably just go wherever they do. I will try and avoid the Octagon as much as possible though. I know I'm usually never in the mood for large groups of people and noise, but tonight I am feeling even less in the mood.

I think it's possible that my problem may be a lack of assertiveness and/or imagination. I think New Years would be quite different if I had a fair idea of what's fun so I could plan something and invite sufficient amounts of people to enjoy it with me, rather than just leaving my night up to the burden of others. Maybe that can be my New Year's resolution, to figure out what to do next New Years.

As for the year itself, I think it's probably been my best year of all, if you had to rate them in some way.
Positives: Made new friends, gained a social life, got over some minor anxiety issues, got into a good routine with Polytech and such and generally changed my outlook on a lot of things. Also making the step to enrol for University too is probably the big one.

Negatives: My mental health feels as if it is continually deteriorating. I'd like to get a hold of that next year. Resolution #2 I guess.

Anyway, I must go or I'll be late for dinner. I hope you all have a fun New Years celebration, and a great 2009!


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Jan. 1st, 2009 03:58 am (UTC)
I used to think that NYE was a big deal and would try to go out an do something amazing but after having numerous NYE's that were quite sub-par I've finally worked out that NYE is just another night. I still think it's nice to go out and celebrate it with friends and hug people (and kiss people!) after that countdown, but there's no point in putting so much pressure on it. Just have a nice night out!

I hope you had a nice night.

PS. You celebrate Matt Damon's birthday too?! ;-D
Jan. 1st, 2009 05:48 am (UTC)
Yeah I think having a relaxed night is the best way to go about it.
I actually did have a pretty good night. Dinner with strangers who were very nice, then played pool for a while, then watched fireworks (haha I didn't avoid the Octagon after all) before going to a beach and sitting on the sands drinking until 2am. And today, Doctor Who and Flight of the Conchords marathons! Competing for my attention.

Matt Damon's birthday should be a public holiday so we can all just sit at home, watching the movies he's been in.
Jan. 1st, 2009 01:00 pm (UTC)
Doctor Who and Conchords??? SO much better than the marathons that I've had to deal with on telly all day - Sex and the City and Will and Grace. I actually quite like these shows but Dr Who?! that would have been bliss!

Anyway, I'm very glad that you had a nice night, you deserve it. Beach drinking sounds lovely.
Have a good 2009!
Jan. 1st, 2009 10:19 pm (UTC)
haha, you know what's sad? I missed the new years Wil and Grace marathon, in a way. The last few new years in Australia I spent at my ex's and they had Austar, so on new years day we'd all wake up and sit in front of the TV recovering, eating twisties with all the doors and windows open (because of 40 degree heat).

But I think I prefer the Doctor Who marathon. It ended up winning over FotC, even though I've seen that series (1st with Eccleston, my favourite Doctor) quite a few times. But luckily, the FotC is repeated today, WIN.
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